Why I Decided to Move

My old apartment was very cold in the wintertime and very hot in the summertime. There was a time I had to contact an exterminator myself too. Needless to say, my time there was not ideal by any means. It was what I had though, so I tried to make the best of it. I went to visit a good friend who had just moved into a complex that has apartments in Waltham MA, and that is when I decided that it was high time that I quit settling for things when I do deserve something better.

As soon as I drove into her parking lot, I was impressed with what I saw. I could tell that this was an apartment complex that takes care of their own. There was adequate lighting, and it seemed that no matter where I looked there was something there for the residents. It was a far cry from what I was used to, and I decided that was going to change. I had already made that decision before stepping into her gorgeous apartment, but if I hadn’t, that would have been my turning point then.

The apartment she was renting is simply gorgeous. Granted, she is a fabulous decorator, and her style matches mine very closely. However, the apartment was classy in its own right too. The rooms are large, the balcony showed such a gorgeous scene, and the bathroom was much nicer than my own too. When I asked her what she was paying a month, I knew I was going on their website the next day and putting in my own application. My lease was due to be renewed soon, and I decided I simply was not going to do it. It seemed silly when I can live in a place like this instead!

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