We Sold Our House and Moved to a Nice Apartment

My wife and I had owned a small house for over a decade. We were still paying the mortgage. It was great when we first moved there. There was no one at the back of our house. It was just an empty lot. We had big yard areas on the left and right side too. We started thinking about looking at some apartments for Towson when the lot was sold and a big brick home was built. The new neighbors were not as nice as we expected. They were very noisy too. There was no joining them for they were of a completely different personality type.

We were traveling more in our RV, and we sought solitude dry camping on BLM lands in different parts of the country. The issue was that we had two dogs, and we were looking for a really nice apartment that would accept pets. The apartments for Towson that we looked at included Rodgers Forge. They have a dog area outside, and they allow two dogs up to 50 pounds each. We liked the big roomy interior of the apartment, and selling our home eliminated worrying about having to fix roofs, put in a new furnace, mowing grass and a whole lot more. The troublesome new neighbors were just the catalyst we needed to sell and move.

We enjoy our apartment when we are there. It is so nice to be able to travel and not have to make any arrangements for cutting grass or checking on the place. It is also nice to live in a place where you are expected to be considerate of your neighbors. The freedom to travel and come and go without making any special arrangements is nice. Plus, the outdoor dog area is a real bonus as our pups really like it.