I Leased a Nice Apartment with a Lot Left over to Help Mom and Dad

I wanted a cool first apartment, but it had to be one I could afford. I have been working since I was a teenager in junior high school. I have always had a paper route, cut grass or made things to earn extra money. My parents were not rich, so I made my own way through college. They let me stay with them without ever asking for a dime while I was in school. I had to make them take money when I had extra to pay the bills. I was searching for nice apartments in Henderson NV 89014 after I got a good job starting out in mid-level management. I got a great signing bonus that allowed me to get mom and dad into a much nicer place. Now it was time for me to move into my own place.

I could afford to take care of mom and dad and pay for my own rent at The Edge Apartments. I really like that connected pool they have. It is two rectangles connected together to make one big swimming pool. They have a nice outdoor spa tub too. I swim every day rain or shine. (more…)

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We Sold Our House and Moved to a Nice Apartment

My wife and I had owned a small house for over a decade. We were still paying the mortgage. It was great when we first moved there. There was no one at the back of our house. It was just an empty lot. We had big yard areas on the left and right side too. We started thinking about looking at some apartments for Towson when the lot was sold and a big brick home was built. The new neighbors were not as nice as we expected. They were very noisy too. There was no joining them for they were of a completely different personality type.

We were traveling more in our RV, and we sought solitude dry camping on BLM lands in different parts of the country. (more…)

A Great Apartment Close to the Bike Trails

If there is one thing that I love to do when I am not working, it is to be out riding my bike. I have been biking for about eight years now, and I hope that I am doing it for many decades. When I decided to move to an apartment, I knew that I wanted it to be near bike trails. There are so many of them in Cambridge, so I did a search for apartments for rent in Cambridge MA that are near bike trails that I like.

One of the first results was for Arlington 360, which is actually a really nice apartment complex. I had only seen it from the outside, so I was excited to see pictures of it. The more I saw on their website, the more I wanted to know about the apartments there. It is so close to Minuteman Bikeway Trails, and I knew that this was the place I was meant to be. One of the community amenities is actually bike racks, which meant I would not have to store my bike in my own apartment. The access to the trails is right there too, which is pretty exciting for me.

Arlington 360 has a lot of other things going for it too. There is a really great fitness center there that has all of the latest pieces of equipment along with weights, and there is even a yoga room. I have never done yoga before, but it is actually something that I have been thinking about getting into because of all the health benefits of it. There is also garage parking, a cyber cafe, sports courts, community rooms and so much more. It just felt right to me, so I didn’t even hesitate to fill out an application. Now I just have to decide which apartment floor plan I want, and the rest is going to be smooth sailing!