Moving to Dallas to Work in the Oil Fields

We used to live on the east coast until the job I had at a manufacturing plant ended with everyone getting a permanent layoff. My uncle lives in Texas and got me a job in the oil fields starting immediately. I needed to look for nice North Dallas apartments to move my family to while working, and my wife started packing things up back home. She was working a full time job too, so she had three times the amount of work with the kids and packing. My aunt works at a local hospital in Dallas, so she got my wife a job there. My wife is a nurse. She just recently graduated and started working in the medical field, and the loss of my job upended us all.

I found some nice North Dallas apartments with a pool and a bunch of other nice amenities. The kids were actually looking forward to the move to a warmer climate. I was thinking of 100 degree days in the oil fields. You do what you have to do, right? At least we would have a nice place to live and two steady incomes. Kids are a drain on any bank account, but the joy of having them is unmatched. My wife and I would do anything to make sure they are provided for.

The apartment is a nice three bedroom place with nice closets to store stuff. We think our teenage daughter could have used a separate trailer just to move her clothes and accessories. Of course, the boy had enough sports equipment to fill a small trailer too. The new apartment has nicely sized bedrooms with big closets to hold all of their junk. I mean stuff. I should not complain, I got enough fishing gear for a small town. It took a little over a month, but we are all together now enjoying our North Dallas apartment.