It Looks Even Better in Person

If you have ever looked for an apartment online, then you know how hard it is to separate what is reality and what the apartment complexes want you to believe. One thing that I have really liked as of late are how many pictures these complexes are putting on their websites to back up their claims of having clean apartments, luxury apartments, or whatever kind of dwelling they are advertising. When I first initiated my search for New Haven apartments for rent, I figured it would take me some time, but I was wrong.

My first impression of College and Crown was one of intrigue. I really like the location of the apartment building, and I also enjoyed the way they had it laid out since it is right there in the middle of the block. I looked at the pictures first, because I truly do believe the old saying that says pictures are worth a thousand words. It is very easy to doctor up words but it is harder to do that with genuine pictures. I liked all that I saw, and I knew that I wanted to find out as much as I could about the apartments there before I went and looked at one in person.

That is another thing that I do. No matter how nice an apartment looks online, I still go and look at it in person because it is too easy to show only the good things and hide the negative things. When I went to tour College and Crown, I was impressed even more than I was with just the website. Everything was exactly as they stated, and it all looked so much better in person. I am looking forward to living there, as I will be moving in within just a couple of weeks!