I Wanted More Than a Studio Apartment This Time

I looked at luxury apartments for West Palm Beach not that long ago because I wanted to move. I had been living in the same apartment for nearly three years, and I felt that I had just outgrown it. It was a studio apartment, which is all that I cold afford when I first moved into it. Life has changed a lot for me though in the three years since I signed that first lease on the studio, and it was just time for me to move on. One of the side effects of living in a studio for so long is the need for space, so I actually looked at two bedroom units at Jefferson Palm Beach.

There is one main reason I wanted two bedrooms. It meant that I would also have two bathrooms. I usually have a lot of guests over because I love to cook and entertain. Having my own bathroom meant that I no longer had to give up my privacy when I do have company over. Instead of them having to use my bathroom, they can use the one that is right off the living room.

This also works out in another way too. Since I do entertain a lot, I no longer have to worry about someone sacking out on the couch. I actually did set up the second bedroom as a guest room, and it gets used pretty frequently. I even have a balcony with this apartment, and it just feels incredible to have this much space after having very little. My last apartment could fit in this one twice, and then some. I have more cupboard space, more closet space, and just more space in general to move around. It also means I can have larger dinner parties now that I have more room!