I Leased a Nice Apartment with a Lot Left over to Help Mom and Dad

I wanted a cool first apartment, but it had to be one I could afford. I have been working since I was a teenager in junior high school. I have always had a paper route, cut grass or made things to earn extra money. My parents were not rich, so I made my own way through college. They let me stay with them without ever asking for a dime while I was in school. I had to make them take money when I had extra to pay the bills. I was searching for nice apartments in Henderson NV 89014 after I got a good job starting out in mid-level management. I got a great signing bonus that allowed me to get mom and dad into a much nicer place. Now it was time for me to move into my own place.

I could afford to take care of mom and dad and pay for my own rent at The Edge Apartments. I really like that connected pool they have. It is two rectangles connected together to make one big swimming pool. They have a nice outdoor spa tub too. I swim every day rain or shine. I like my apartment with its nicely appointed kitchen and the stainless steel appliances. The rooms are a nice size, and it is like living in a mansion compared to the humble place where I grew up.

I could have afforded one of those executive places in town, but I wanted to make sure my mom and dad were provided for. I have set up a trust of my savings to support them during their retirement years if something happens to me. They have been there for me through thick and thin, and we had a lot of thin years before my education paid off. Their retirement keeps food on the table and a car in the garage, but they would be living in a project if they had to pay rent on their own. They went through a lot, and now all three of us are doing well.