I Am Moving in when the Developers Give the Okay

One of the first things that drew me to New Futura in Singapore is the fact that it is a freehold tenure. It is very rare to find something like this anymore anywhere in Singapore, so that immediately drew my interest. I find value in this, and I knew that others would too. That meant that I had to act fast on finding out the more intimate details of New Futura to see if this was something that I wanted to invest in for my future home. Just looking at the pictures made it seem like an easy decision though.

I wanted to find out just how big it is, what the amenities are going to be, the floor plans of the various units, and most importantly, who the developer is. (more…)

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My First Place is a Dream

I wanted to buy my own apartment in Istanbul rather than live with my cousin, which is what I had been doing since I graduated from college three years ago. She is rarely home as she is a flight attendant, so it worked out well for both of us. However, she is getting married soon, and I just did not want to feel like a third wheel. I started looking at apartments, and it did not take me long to find one that is within my price range. I had never purchased an apartment before, or any kind of property for that matter, so I wanted to find out what all was involved before I went any further.

Thankfully, the website that I found the apartment for sale on is quite comprehensive. I was able to look at all of the steps, which is more than what I realized. (more…)

Moving to Dallas to Work in the Oil Fields

We used to live on the east coast until the job I had at a manufacturing plant ended with everyone getting a permanent layoff. My uncle lives in Texas and got me a job in the oil fields starting immediately. I needed to look for nice North Dallas apartments to move my family to while working, and my wife started packing things up back home. She was working a full time job too, so she had three times the amount of work with the kids and packing. My aunt works at a local hospital in Dallas, so she got my wife a job there. My wife is a nurse. She just recently graduated and started working in the medical field, and the loss of my job upended us all.

I found some nice North Dallas apartments with a pool and a bunch of other nice amenities. The kids were actually looking forward to the move to a warmer climate. (more…)