I Wanted More Than a Studio Apartment This Time

I looked at luxury apartments for West Palm Beach not that long ago because I wanted to move. I had been living in the same apartment for nearly three years, and I felt that I had just outgrown it. It was a studio apartment, which is all that I cold afford when I first moved into it. Life has changed a lot for me though in the three years since I signed that first lease on the studio, and it was just time for me to move on. One of the side effects of living in a studio for so long is the need for space, so I actually looked at two bedroom units at Jefferson Palm Beach. (more…)

It Looks Even Better in Person

If you have ever looked for an apartment online, then you know how hard it is to separate what is reality and what the apartment complexes want you to believe. One thing that I have really liked as of late are how many pictures these complexes are putting on their websites to back up their claims of having clean apartments, luxury apartments, or whatever kind of dwelling they are advertising. When I first initiated my search for New Haven apartments for rent, I figured it would take me some time, but I was wrong.

My first impression of College and Crown was one of intrigue. (more…)

Why I Decided to Move

My old apartment was very cold in the wintertime and very hot in the summertime. There was a time I had to contact an exterminator myself too. Needless to say, my time there was not ideal by any means. It was what I had though, so I tried to make the best of it. I went to visit a good friend who had just moved into a complex that has apartments in Waltham MA, and that is when I decided that it was high time that I quit settling for things when I do deserve something better.

As soon as I drove into her parking lot, I was impressed with what I saw. I could tell that this was an apartment complex that takes care of their own. (more…)